Delete Cookies

Why you should consider deleting internet cookies from your browser and capture hidden cookies on your device.

Why and How to Delete Cookies from my Browser

Cookies are simple text files that store information about you and your activity when visiting web sites. This in itself is not as bad as many may suggest, yet there is an underlying concern about what data is being captured and how it is being used. Below will show you how to delete cookies from the main browsers. Follow these links to learn more about what a cookie is and what are cookies used for.

Should you Surf Anonymously?

There is a genuine concern around privacy and the justifiable question of what do some websites use your information for and who do they pass on your details to? These Privacy concerns typically arise from cookies used by embedded advertising or other content recording on web sites; sometimes called third-party cookies. Since the ads are typically served up from some other website, they can create and drop in a cookie of their own. Advertisers can then keep track of how often you visit which sites they have their advertising on. This is one reason you know how to delete cookies from your PC.  I will be writing all about how to surf anonymously in the coming weeks. I plan to have my first page on this topic here in May 2013.

Take Control Now ? How to Delete your cookies and clear out you cookie history

How to remove cookies is quite straightforward. Simply select the appropriate Browser type from the table below and follow the simple instructions.

Firefox – How to Delete Cookies

Internet Explorer – How to Delete Cookies

Chrome – How to Delete Cookies

Safari – How to Delete Cookies – In Progress due May 2013

Opera – How to Delete Cookies  - In Progress due May 2013

Do you want to Disable future Cookies from your browser?

Don?t forget to clear out the cookies your already have on your browser before proceeding with this step. The following page will explain how to disable cookies from your browser and therefore prevent or at least warn you when a web site tries to create a cookie on your browser. Follow this link to learn how to Enable/Disable Cookies.