What are Cookies?

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small file that is created and stored locally by your web browser. The command to create the file comes from the web server. This cookie helps web sites remember information about you and your preferences. This simple definition would suggest that a cookie is quite harmless. Read on to learn more about how cookies are used and how we can further define the types of cookies. We will also show you what type of data they might capture. So what is a cookie - you will soon learn that this text file can become dangerous if not controlled.

Think you are secure Think Again!

Think you are secure think again ! – even the users who have their personal firewall, anti-virus, malware removal , spyware blocker, all with subscriptions that cost money and eat processor cycles … but that just isn’t enough!

What is a Cookie used for?

Websites use Cookies for many reasons. Here are some of the most common ones.

What do visitors to the web site actually do?

Cookies can show how many people are looking at specific web pages. This can help make their web sites more useful.

Remembering your preferences when looking at information, or use a service.

They allow web sites to improve the service you receive and archive what is not used. For example, you could tailor a news web site's homepage. This would only show news from topics you are interested in. The Cookie would remember this. The web site would present the information you want to see next time you return to it.

To help complete a task without re-entering information you've previously provided.

Some services need to store a http Cookie in your computer for them to work. The cookie can be used to remember what you placed in your shopping basket.

Managing which adverts you see on web sites. Known as Tracking Cookies.

Some web sites use Cookies to increase the relevancy of what is displayed. This can allow adverts to show items you were previously searching for.

Example of a frequent cookie use.

The most common use of an internet cookie is to store a user ID. For example, the cookie might contain the following string Amazon.com is one site that uses this technique. When you order a book, you fill out a form with your name and address. Amazon assigns you an ID, stores your information with that ID in its database on the server, and sends the ID to your browser as a cookie. Your browser stores the ID on your hard disk. The next time you go to Amazon, the ID is sent back to the server. The server looks you up by your ID and customizes the Web page it sends back to you. The page might say, "Welcome back, Joe Smith".

So if someone now asks you the question "What are Cookies?" you will now know the meaning and be able to answer them confidently. But will you be able to take control of your own little helpers ? Read on to learn about the different types of cookies and how to cookies can be detremental to your privacy and sanity.

The Cookie List


Sometimes known as a transient cookie, stored in temporary memory and remains available for the duration of your active “session” within the browser.

session cookie...


Also known as a stored cookie, it stores a file on your hard drive. The cookie would remain on the hard drive until it reaches its expiration date.

persistent cookie...

Secure & HttpOnly

A secure cookie is just like a regular cookie, except it contains a special ‘HttpOnly’ flag that instructs the browser to restrict access to cookie data.

secure httponly cookie...


Visit a web site, but have a cookie created by a completely different domain. This allows the third-party domain to track you i.e. Tracking Cookies

Third-Party Cookie...


Dangerous: Uses various techniques to resists deletion even when you clear your entire history they can remain hidden and reappear like a virus!

Super Cookie...


Dangerous: This is a cookie that can come back to life, hence the name Zombie. After it has been deleted it recreates itself.

Zombie Cookie...


This is an example of a VERY persistent cookie. A cross between Super and Zombie types of cookie.

Ever Cookie...