What is my IP Address ?

Find out what your IP address is, from below there is a summary of some of the information which can be gained by the owner of any website you visit normally used to identify and communicate through the internet. Below are two methods of determining your own IP address;manually and what you are giving out to websites you visit.

To find out what is My IP address from my PC:

If you use win9x/ME go to start-run and type winipcfg, and then press ENTER. For win2k/xp or vista go to start-run (Windows Vista user go to Windows button), type cmd and then ENTER. At the DOS prompt type ipconfig and you'll see DNS suffix, IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. For more info type ipconfig /all For Macintosh select the TCP/IP control panel from the Apple menu's "Control Panels"sub-menu. The TCP/IP control panel window will open and display your IP address. Sub-nets - nah too much and complicated to explain !

IP Address Application...

Types of Cookie

Session Cookie

When it comes to kicking out the cookies, the EU may have bitten off more than it can eschew, argues Eric Doyle


Persistent Cookie

Behaviorally targeted advertising is taking a blow from privacy advocates, with a series of lawsuits against top companies tracking surfers persistently


Secure and HttpOnly Cookies

Researchers at UC Berkeley found that Kissmetrics, a sort of Google Analytics on crack, uses sneaky methods to track users from one website to another, violating any user disablement of cookies.